Central Coast Tattoos

  And Body Piercing

Cynthia Smith, Senior Piercer and Executive Director BBPTI

Cynthia is the senior piercer and manager of Central Coast Tattoos. She has been piercing for 12 years and is the daughter of Chrys and has been invloved with the business since day one. She is also the Executive Director of the BBPTI and manages all the day to day operations when Chrys is on the road. She can also answer any tattoo related questions you may have.  She is the one who will  take the best care of you and provides a safe, clean and professional environment for all you piercing needs.


Chrys Young RN, Master Artist/ Piercer and Studio Owner

Chrys Young is the creative force behind Central Coast Tattoos. She has been involved with body art for over 30 yrs. She has been tattooing full time for 20 yrs. A Registered Nurse with over 30 yrs in the medical field and as an educator in pre-hospital emergency medicine for 25 yrs. She founded the Blood Borne Pathogen Prevention Training Institute that provides safety training for body artists worldwide. Chrys travels extensively in the US and Abroad doing safety training at Tattoo Conventions and Working as an Artist as well. When she is in town she is available for tattoos and piercings in the shop. Primarily Custom Pieces are preferred but we also cater to the first time tattoo client who just wants to start very small.


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